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The one true God lives eternally in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


He created everything, lovingly cares for all He has made and holds His creation to account.    


God inspired the writing of the Bible, it stands up to scrutiny and can be trusted to guide our faith and actions. 


We are created in God’s image and He expects us to respect the dignity of all people, to be holy and to care for creation. When we fail to love God, our neighbour and the world wholeheartedly, we fall into sin (selfishness or unholy living).


Jesus is the son of God; fully human and fully God. He was miraculously born to a virgin and lived a blameless life on Earth until He was condemned to die on a cross. 


On the third day He rose again and in doing so, demonstrated His power over sin, evil and death.


We can be forgiven and reconciled to God the Father when we believe in Jesus, accept His amazing sacrifice and choose to follow Him. 


After His resurrection, Jesus met with his followers, ascended to the Father and reigns as the only saviour of the world.


The Holy Spirit was sent to enable us to accept and follow Jesus so that we can effectively tell others the good news about God's offer of forgiveness and redemption. 


The local church is a family of ordinary people who know that they have flaws but understand that they can be forgiven. They seek to love God and their neighbours well and to stand for equality, justice and love for all. 


Jesus Christ  will return one day to create a new heaven and a new earth and will hold all to account. This will bring into being a final expression of God's loving and fair justice.  

What do we believe?

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