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What church looks like on a Sunday depends on where we are in the month. We are a 'patchwork' church [which doesn't mean we are sitting around making patchwork quilts...although we are not against this of course!]. Edenbridge is made up of many different people, from varying backgrounds, communities and cultures, as well as a fascinating mix of hobbies, interests and experiences. Our hope is that, whoever you are, wherever you are from, you will discover a 'patchwork' space for you. 

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1st Sunday...

is a fairly traditional Baptist Church service.  The service begins at 10:30 with a time of family worship (singing, prayers, Bible readings & notices), followed by a refreshment break during which the Youth & Kids (YaK) head off to their groups.  After the break, we usually continue with a mixture of sung worship, Bible teaching and prayer ministry. The service is usually wrapping up around 12pm.

2nd Sunday... 

is known as 'The Table' service. Think café-meets-quiz-night with a little bit (well...maybe quite a lot) of nibbles thrown in. The Table is always based on Jesus' teachings in the Bible, but, maybe, exploring them in a way you haven't done before. 

Please note, this is an 'all-in' service i.e. from the youngest to the oldest, we are all joining in together. 

3rd Sunday...

is similar to 1st Sunday with the addition of sharing Holy Communion. The Bible teaching at this service will have more of an exegetical (going theologically deeper) emphasis. 

4th Sunday...

is definitely a Sunday with a difference. Being a part of God's family is not just limited to within the church walls. We believe that faith is as much what you do, as something you have - "For just as the body without the Spirit is dead, so also is faith without works dead" - James 2:26.

So, 4th Sunday, is about an intentional combining of faith and life in our community. We have various 'patches' for people to join in, from walking to reading, family outings to quiet discussions. Why not have a look at '4th Sunday' on our 'What's on' tab for further info?

5th Sunday...

Occasionally, there are five Sundays in a month.  When this happens, we have our 5th Sunday service, EDEN CELEBRATE!  It is a chance for the whole church family to come together to share and celebrate what God has been doing in our community...and we also enjoy a meal together (yummy!!!!).  

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