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Welcome to YaK!

the YOUTH and KIDS of Eden Church!

Jesus famously said "let the children come to me" and we say BRING IT ON!!! If Jesus showed how important they are, then we'd better follow His lead.

Whether in groups on a Sunday morning, or different activities throughout the week, our hope and prayer is that we see our YaK's discovering their Heavenly Father, encountering the radical love of Jesus and being empowered by the Holy Spirit to live out a live of faith. 

Our work with young people at The Eden Church centres around the 'YaKstak'. As our YaK's grow up, we also want to help them grow deeper in their faith, and this is the concept behind the Stak - as they grow upwards physically we want to allow them to grow deeper spiritually, digging life giving and long lasting 'faith roots'. We start with our pre-schoolers in TheCrib, then move down to primary age in TheBase, then deeper still into TheLink and LinkUp for secondary years. We also understand that sometimes for things to really take root and grow they need a little 'Space' which is our 11+ mid-week group.

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